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People of a particular faith or with a particular medical condition may be genuinely afraid of simply meeting random people.There has been some success with this sort of 'longtail/niche' dating about the simple fact that it doesn't work?

I think the fundamental problem is that the reason people are on most of these dating sites is because they can't find a date elsewhere.

There goes your userbase as they all hook up and log off.

Financially speaking it is better to give users the ILLUSION of someone out there being for you, while stringing them along and milking them for as much cash as possible. The worst thing you can do for your bottom line on a dating site is make a real, long-term match.

If I were you, I would focus less on specific features or trying to build a better datetrap. However, I believe that most people are lonely because their dating filters are broken, and because they have trouble attracting interest.

Instead, figure out what it'll take for you to get fifty thousand people signed up, approximately all at the same time, and then how you'll keep the site growing over time. Dating sites only help these people fail faster and at greater scale.(Exception: tall women.

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Most of the variations in online dating sites focus on optimizing pieces of that.