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It's better to stay away from this type of girls, unless you want to be her sponsor.

Tinder is a dating application for smartphones & tablets and has become the most popular dating platform among young Thais.

You need to show her what an interesting person you are.

You can also make a small compliment as an opener, but don't push it too far - Thai girls also know what cheesiness is.

Talking in Line messenger is way more convenient and gets you on a closer level to her, since not everybody can talk to her in Line. Usually, if you already had some lines of conversation with her, she won't reject your Line Id request.Tinder is mostly used by students who want to improve their english skills, seek cultural exchange and are interested in a friendship or more with a foreigner.Especially people with higher education such as university students and young professionals prefer to use Tinder.Thus, dating sites and apps are very popular in Thailand and there are more and more couples who met each other online Even during work, while waiting in a queue or during class young Thais use dating apps as a pasttime.Especially young girls, who are interested in foreigners see online dating as an easy opportunity to find a foreign guy.

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Furthermoe, many girls who normally are too shy to approach a man on the street, won't hesitate to send a message to a man as a first move. So, you can start a chat with a Thai girl with standard questions asking about her whereabouts. Moreover, she might shy away from you, if you come up with a sophisticated pick up line that she doesn't understand.

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