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Dating someone non religious

I strongly believe in “To each his own” and am very weary of any belief system that is threatened by different ideas… I would not go along with something that doesn’t sit well with you for the sake of a relationship, and he shouldn’t ask that of you.

What usually happens Noel is that one person adapts to the other’s religion or belief system.

The only two serious relationships I’ve been in, both guys were more religious than me. I ended it and he became a pastor, so it all worked out best in the end.Religions never been a very big role when it came to dating, but then again maybe I’ve just never been with someone who is extremely religious.Religious people are one of the hardest to reason with, especially on matters that seem to conflict with the source of their belief.Opposites open each other up to new things and even compliment each others ways, whereas the like-minded enjoy all the same things.I can just say it is possible but, like any relationship, any impasse can arise especially the firmer a persons mindset is. If both people in the relationship aren’t concerned about the other’s religion, then it should work.

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Her fiancee, on the other hand, is Christian, brought up around a strong faith-based family. all the best, -p My most recent ex of about 7 months was a religious Christian but didn’t practice often.