Dating sunbeam mixmaster

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I recently bought a sunbeam classic mixer as I expect the mx003 will eventually break. I brought the mixmaster as a present to myself about 18 months ago (possibly longer) and use it not much. I bought mine as a wedding present to myself over 2 years ago most expensive mixer Id ever purchased for myself, have used it lots and lots, for batters, cakes, butter creams, muffins, thick cookie doughs, sponges, meringues and more. I have gotten a spatula caught in the beaters and still no damage to them. It is very quiet compared to conventional hand beaters, easy to clean and well made (like all Sunbeam products).I brought that brand as my mum had one when I was growing up & it lasted years. My beaters broke (yes both of them) today while mixing soft butter and sugar. I honestly don't know what all you people are doing to your mixers to say they are flimsy and break easy. The only problem is the flimsy beaters, they are too thin and break easily.I purchased it because my mum had one and it was wonderful. Broke at the weld the first time I creamed butter and sugar.

I have a sunbeam mixmaster that belonged to my mother in law. I might have thrown away the directions when I was cleaning their apartment. I think it was more likely her mother's who did a lot more cooking and baking.I am really disappointed by the quality of this product and now my suggestion to anyone thinking of buying a mixmaster (or any other kitchen appliance) is the same as my son's - don't buy a sunbeam as the quality is just not what it used to be.Dear Customer, To provide our assistance can you please contact Sunbeam Customer Service either by phone on 1300 881 861 or email [email protected] (subject line: Product au wit...When looking for replacement I realised that all mixers on the market are the same, heavy, awkward, with impossible mixing attachments.To my delight I finally discovered that Sunbeam still provides a genuine Mixmaster which is head and shoulders above all other mixers.

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Chicago Flexible Shaft Company changed its name in 1946 to the Sunbeam Corporation.

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