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Dating sw model 10

Manufacturing records for guns made before that time may or may not be available.S&W did, however, keep track of for all its firearms - that is, the company kept records of when the gun was pulled from the vault and sent to a distributor, law enforcement agency, military purchaser or other original purchaser (sometimes it was an individual, but usually not).JP Update: The procedure for obtaining a factory letter has changed since this blog was posted. At a recent trip to the 2003 Louisville gun show I noticed prices on Victory revolvers had increased noticeably.If it is a post-1957 revolver and you know the model number, you don’t need to include photographs, but you do need to include the exact serial number.Finally, you must enclose for each letter requested (in other words, for each gun).If you request a factory letter for a S&W handgun (which I will discuss below), the date provided will be the original shipping date, which in some cases may be quite different from the date the gun came off the final assembly table.

The project is now working on records for guns made in the 1930s, and progress will be made on the basis of funds available.Prior to WWII, S&W revolvers had no letter in front of the serial number. Other models did not get letter prefixes until the early 1960s.So it is extremely important to include the letter (if there is one) when providing the serial number for your S&W firearm.The answer is not as simple as it sounds, and this blog post will attempt to explain why that is so.I will also tell you what information we need to enable us to give you a reasonable estimate of your gun’s age.

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If you are unsure of the model name, you should describe the gun with as much detail as you can provide. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the stocks before you can see this number.

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