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Dating valco amplifiers

However, some amps that have printed circuit boards may also be partially hand-wired.

Usually this means that their pots, switches, tube sockets, and jacks are hand-wired and mounted securely directly to the chassis.

What distinguishes “plexi” Marshalls from others is the material that the front and back panels are made from.

The “plexi” panel is a plastic called Perspex, the trade name for an acrylic material also known by the trade names Acrylite, Lucite, and Plexiglas.

Plexi: The Marshall “plexi” era dates from around 1965 through the end of 1969, not including reissues.There are some JTM45s and JTM45/100 (the first production 100-watt heads) amps that have “plexi” front panels and cream-colored back panels.The term is most commonly misused as a description for hand-wired Marshall amps from 1969 through 1972 that actually had metal panels made of aluminum.By Mitch Colby Numerous terms related to guitar amp construction, features, and history are commonly misunderstood and misused.Let’s start with the following four: Point-to-point wiring: True point-to-point wiring (sometimes abbreviated “P2P”) uses rails, which are also known as terminal lug strips, without any circuit board.

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As a result, the electronic components are basically mounted in air.

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