Dating vintage zildjian cymbals for pagdating

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Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

The Mixer Page behaves like the drum section of the studio console, allowing you to balance and pan the various mic feeds from the kit and to mix the close mics with the overhead/room mics.Familiar Solo and Mute buttons are provided, while buttons labelled Drums and Percussion flip the mixer controls between the standard kit drums and any additional percussion, such as tambourine, claps and drum-stick hits.

Each articulation can be assigned to its own MIDI note to allow for comprehensive kit mapping, but the default is pretty sensibly planned and isn't too far away from the GM standard.I have to say that the hand claps are some of the best I've heard.All the kits have mono overhead mic faders and all but the earliest kits also have stereo overhead mic faders.Interestingly, the 'per drum' attack, hold and release times act after any room or overhead sound has been added, so you can really shorten the decay for that 'cardboard box' sound in a very controllable way.The kick drum is miked using one mic inside the shell and one outside, with the ability to balance the contributions from these.

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Additionally, there are samples of bleed from the other drums that can be mixed in, plus extra percussion in the form of tambourine, stick hits and real hand-claps.

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