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Dating wih h

For those who are not covered by these conditions, the new edition of General Conditions for Domestic Transportation of Passengers and Baggage of China Southern Airlines shall apply.

(IV)When sale units are selling the tickets of different classes, they must explain the service conditions to the passengers to avoid complaints.

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(III)Passenger tickets must be issued based on corresponding classes.

The contents required for the columns of “Fare Level” “Fare” and “Note” must be filled accurately; for discounted tickets, the column of “Note” must show “non-transferrable / extra charge for change and refund” or must be completed according to regulations for relevant products.

(I)Unless otherwise prescribed, passenger tickets shall be valid for carriage within one year from the day the first segment starts.

If a ticket is not used at all, then it will be valid for carriage within one year from the day of ticket issuing.

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Prior to this date, the regulations for the sale of tickets shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant rules under the original general provisions.