Datingmarriage com

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Datingmarriage com

0 Comments / 113 View / May 19, 2011 In the past, issues of dating and relationship violence prevention was limited to adults who were in serious committed relationships, but over the past years, I have begun to see how important it is to discuss this topic with teens as well.

Again, Wedding Wednesday was supposed to be yesterday I’m aware…

If I told you I knew that I was going to marry Matt 19 days into dating would you believe me?

The stage where I finalize the date, place, guest list, photographer, officiant and important things I will need to have on that date.

He is better than the prince charming all girls have ever imagined when you’re little and he has so much faith and love for me that it astounds me to even realize. He then goes on to tell me how he wanted to go ahead and give me the earrings so that I could wear them to our dinner reservations that night at Carpe Diem.

I think knowing Matt was the one came easy because of the way he treated me and respected me. So let me just tell you all about how he asked since I know that’s all you want to know of course and it’s obviously all I want to tell you about since I still can’t even believe that I’m ENGAGED. After finishing our errands we played ping pong for awhile and just hung out watching movies and drinking coffee together, talking, and laughing over random things; the most perfect rainy afternoon if you ask me.

My mom always told me when I was younger to find someone with a similar spirit and love for Jesus like my dad and Matt is so much that I know he was just meant for me.

I remember the first time Matt told me he loved me.

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We started hanging out when we were both on such a strong spiritual walk with Jesus and it strengthened the beginning of our relationship so much. It wasn’t a ring but it was the most perfect diamond stud earrings that I absolutely love.

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