Distributed cache updating for dynamic source routing buddhist vegetarian dating

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Distributed cache updating for dynamic source routing

If your organization is like most, you have multiple self-service and enterprise BI tools at your disposal.And that’s a good thing because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tool.We are constantly adding new materials, so please check back often to see our latest content. Senturus client, Aero Precision, gave a before-and-after look at how the Senturus Analytics Connector radically improved its supply chain OEM performance reporting.Aero Precision account managers no longer spend painful hours scanning static rows and columns of data each month only to deliver incomplete reports.Before joining Senturus, Erik was a consultant working at IBM as a data scientist/ technical professional for the North American Analytics Channel Development Team, Prior to IBM, Arik was the director of analytics at a large national marketing agency.

Pedro Ining joined Senturus in 2010 and brings over 20 years of BI and data warehousing experience to his role.

[caption id="attachment_7288" align="alignnone" width="480"] Our poll shows most organizations are using numerous BI tools.[/caption] RECOMMENDED AUDIENCES BI Report Authors, BI Report Consumers, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, IT Managers, IT / BI Executives (CTO) PRESENTER Albert Valdez Vice President of Learning Solutions Senturus, Inc.

Albert is the Vice President of Learning Solutions at Senturus.

In this recorded webinar, our experts take you through the high-level benefits and drawbacks of these disparate platforms.

We’ll share a comparison matrix we developed using our real-life experience working with both types of solutions.

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