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Does radioactive dating work for gases

The third argument for acceleration offered by RATE is that of isotope discordance.

They start by asserting that radioisotope dates for all isotopes in a rock should always match perfectly.

RATE argues that the halos produced by various isotopes are differentiable from each other based on size and coloration. It would be hard to imagine that geologic processes could explain all these. But Drs Humphreys and Baumgardner realized that there were too many independent lines of evidence (the variety of elements used in 'standard' radioisotope dating, mature uranium radiohalos, fission track dating and more) that indicated that huge amounts of radioactive decay had actually taken place.They argue that, given the short half life of polonium, these halos could only form under a condition of rapid decay and rapid cooling of magma (Vardiman et al. The accepted scientific model actually does a good job of explaining these halos.Given that almost all of uranium-238's 4.5 billion year half life results from the first step in its decay series where Th, plenty of uranium would still exist long after slow-cooling magma had solidified.

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This leads them to discount all three assumptions that underlie radioisotope decay: knowable initial condition, closed system, and constant decay rate (Vardiman et al. The final bit of evidence for acceleration cited by RATE is the presence of trace amounts of C has been impervious to the acceleration of decay processes that affected other isotopes. Carbon-14, like the potassium-argon and rubidium-strontium isotope dating methods RATE indicts, is an example of beta decay.

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