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In fact, there were even attempts to move beyond the dating and sex coaching into helping men find long-term relationships and marriage.The dating guru fad either died or I finally aged to the point that the ads didn’t target me anymore. After reading Strauss’s book and watching the TV show, the formula these gurus used seemed remarkably bland: get in shape, dress well, get a tan and a decent haircut, find drunk women at bars and buy them drinks, then show a genuine interest in their life. There’s a theory called Maslow’s hierarchy that pretty much everyone who has ever studied business or psychology in high school or college should be familiar with. They’re programmed into us biologically, much like our sex drive.The whole thing works very much like a video game, where competing one level opens access to another level with its own unique challenges.Everyone starts at level 1, not everyone makes it to level 6. Have you ever wondered why a Hardee’s or Carl Jr’s television ad looks like softcore pornography?Each guest receives a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie upon arrival, and that warm welcome extends throughout your stay.Our attentive staff is always there to lend a hand, whether you’re relaxing in your own room or attending your special event.

The customer already wanted the product, they were born with a biological drive for it. Regardless of how one may feel morally about the venture, from a marketing perspective, this whole phenomenon was pretty much inevitable and right up there with pet rocks in the “Why didn’t I think of that before? This is the top of Maslow’s theory, the one that’s hardest to define and even harder to satisfy.Our warm yet modern spaces are ideal for everything from birthday and retirement parties to family reunions and athletic banquets.Whatever you have in mind, our event planning resources can help you book the right event venue, secure Guest accommodations, manage guest lists and more.I just feel the need to put this out there so people can be aware. After being seeing ads for for months, I noticed that the company started selling more than just the one book. I just used one to get you to click on on the read more button. However, I fit their demographic — male, heterosexual, single, with access to the internet — so naturally their ads targeted me.

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Find a Double Tree hotel for your special event today. Or perhaps your special event, family reunion or friendly gathering calls for a traditional sit down dinner.

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