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It will also contain mirrors that have been configured in your Maven Settings ( If you have been using Maven, you are familiar with the Central Maven repository.This is default repository from which Maven will retrieve dependencies and other artifacts needed during a build.You can configure a project to resolve dependencies from a workspace.This has the effect of altering the way that Maven locates dependency artifacts.If the central Maven repository contains a source artifact for a particular project, you can download the source from the repository and expose it to the Eclipse environment.

Assume that project-a and project-b are both in the same Eclipse workspace, and that project-a depends on project-b.

If you expand this folder, you will see artifacts that correspond to your workspace project as shown in Figure 6.10, “Browsing the m2eclipse Workspace Repository”.

The Maven Repositories view is also intelligent enough to keep track of any repositories that have been added to your project via your Maven Settings, an active Maven Profile, or that have been added directly to a project's POM.

This option is preferred because it is such a tremendous time saver.

With m2eclipse, you no longer need to hunt through the central Maven repository for an artifact version.

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This can be a useful tool if there is another process outside of Eclipse that is going to be modifying a local Maven repository.

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