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Actress Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf Toronto Maple Leafs attend The Independent Filmmaker Project, RBC And Euphoria Calvin Klein Celebrate Independent Film At The 36th Toronto International Film Festival at Thompson Hotel on September 10, 2011 in Toronto, Canada.(Getty) Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman and captain Dion Phaneuf is married to actress Elisha Cuthbert."Had the league not have suspended him, the Dallas Stars would have," team owner Tom Hicks said in a statement."This organization will not tolerate such behavior, especially from a member of our hockey team.“It’s a big wedding, probably the biggest I’ve ever done in my 46 years, as far as the celebrity part of it goes,” said Rev. When he was growing up in Edmonton, the Phaneufs regularly returned to P. On the ice, the six-foot-three, 214-pound defenceman is known for his punishing bodychecks and take-no-prisoners style.Paul Egan, who will lead the service Saturday at St. Rumours are flying around the province as if the old telephone party lines were still in service. But just as going for the big hit can prove costly (witness his overtime misadventure that led to the Leafs’ playoff loss to Boston this year), Mr.A couple of weeks ago, neighbouring owners discovered No Trespassing signs had been planted on their side of a tree line dividing their properties from Mr. Most of the signs were yanked out and dumped back on Mr.Phaneuf’s property but one remains, presumably to scare off anyone who wants to bust through metres of thick brush and cross barbed-wire fence for a glimpse of the couple and their celebrity guests. Egan said this will be the first time he has ever conducted a wedding with a private security detail on the church grounds.

They have tried to keep their plans under wraps – the wedding is “top secret” said a neighbour of the church where the ceremony is to be held.Three years ago, neighbours were jolted by the racket of a helicopter landing and taking off from his property over two days as it filmed him for an energy-drink promotion. Phaneuf has matured, and for this they credit the influence of Ms. He began dating her in 2008, bringing her to the Island that summer.Authorities even briefly blocked traffic on the Confederation Bridge, the only fixed link to the mainland, so Mr. “It’s such a quiet place that we can be ourselves and not get bothered too much and have a real summer away from the hustle and bustle of our lives,” she told the at the time. Cuthbert, who has been acting since age 9, is best known for her TV roles in the Fox counterterrorism drama 24 and the ABC comedy Happy Endings, which was cancelled in May after three seasons.She has also starred in a number of films, including “Elisha said she’s worried about people crashing,” said Phyllis Carr, the owner of a popular oyster bar where the couple frequently eats.The bride and groom have hired private security to patrol the property during Saturday’s reception, and they have gone to great lengths to make sure interlopers know they’re not welcome.

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