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Erin sanders dating 2016

This updated structure for content sets the framework for additional content items to be customized.

However, currently only the Syllabus can be customized as a content item.

Previously, visibility could only be set at the course or public levels.

Course Visibility The visibility setting offers three choices for a course: The Customize checkbox allows admins or instructors to customize the visibility of the course content.

Instructors can also search for students by name when moderating a quiz.

For instructors using the Roll Call Attendance tool, students can view their attendance information in the Attendance assignment submission details page.

If an instructor adds an excessive amount of extra points to a student’s grade, Canvas generates an alert notifying that the student was awarded an unusually high grade.

Alerts only apply to assignments with total points; they do not apply to assignments with no points possible or excused assignments.

Alert colors are most often associated with Global Announcements, but they can also be seen throughout Canvas to indicate action (such as when an admin masquerades as a user, or when an instructor accesses Student View to see the course as the test student).

Math Man Integration Canvas has integrated a new backend service called Math Man, which is designed to improve La Te X images generated by the Rich Content Editor equation editor.

New features may differ from those available in your beta environment. For courses using the Attendance tool, students can view their attendance as part of the Attendance assignment submission details page.

Students can also access Attendance submission details from the Grades page.

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