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The download of files by means of buyer membership.

To register as a member, you first select an available user name / login (the "User ID") and a corresponding user password / password ( "Membership Password") to create a unique, personal Membership Account.

As well as the exchange of digital images for download.

A mediation between Indivstock, the supplier and the customer or buyer.

Preliminary information Andreas Neubauer also Indivstock. Domain- Alte Schulstraße 10 - - Following the terms and conditions of Indivstock describes 74532 Ilshofen Germany.

This (GTC) govern the rights and obligations for each use of the Site.

All information of a users are punlic on the website and through the World Wide Web such as search engines.With the approval of the terms and conditions by checking the box (check mark) when registering you agree to the terms of these terms and conditions.When changes to these provisions and notice of these changes by e-mail or by posting on the site you agree to these changes by continued use.Alternatively, this identification can be carried out by Indivstock, and the seller lists the relevant files that need to flag as editorially.This designation must be carried out by means of regular communication.

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When prompted for information legally required financial or personal information should be added. Description of the program The basic work oft he website indivstock.domain is the publication of the transferred files, which are provided by a vendor (photographer, graphic or vector artist).

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