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As I shared with you guys yesterday, I recently got out of a long term relationship and moved out of my beloved New York City.

I'm looking for a fresh start--new lifestyle, new job, and of course, new men! So when I visited Colorado for the first time over the holidays, I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous scenery and all the good-looking guys roaming around the Rockies. Then, I ran into a major obstacle: My city girl nature.

Based on my experiences, I prefer days of yore, when the fantasy WAS the reality.

We all have baggage, but let’s keep it stowed away until we are at least on a second date. Turning Fantasy to Reality Tip: Let’s just have fun and save the heavy stuff for later.

This includes topics such as religion, politics and past relationships.

I realize that I might be generalizing in my list of wants and dreams vs.

what’s truly going on, but this is based on my encounters.

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Then, I embarked on my first--and probably last--attempt at skiing.

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  1. The man walking with the machete is typically a farmer (like the man we came across), or worker who has been slashing the lush vegetation. We ended up taking a photograph of our machete-carrying farmer and his dog.

  2. We set up a date and specified what we’d be wearing so that we could recognize each other—a navy-blue baby-doll dress and black tights for me, a striped button-down and a maroon cashmere vest for him.