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With technological advancements like live chat, and video chat, this is an issue that no longer just applies in-person harassment, but online harassment as well.Some examples of inappropriate behavior from customers include: These are just some examples but more exist, unfortunately.“We don’t know each other but as time goes on, there’s this indescribable feeling.They really support you, and their support improves your self-esteem... I have some one who will talk to me.” Xiao Yue makes anything between a few thousand and more than ten thousand yuan (1,079 pounds) a month getting users like Zhu to send the gifts.65% of the people surveyed who said yes to receive online harassment were in this age group. Women who are 18-24 have higher levels of more severe forms of harassment.26% report have been stalked, while 25% experienced sexual harassment.

This is a complicated issue and there isn’t always “one correct way” to deal with these issues.

When customers exhibit these types of behaviors important to remember that at a certain point your employee’s well-being is more important than one customer who has already proven they are not on your site to receive actual help.

Sometimes inappropriate behavior from customers can be remedied and a customer can still receive help.

If a customer is not letting up on their flirting but has not crossed (the boundary you as a business must set) to be banned, transferring them to a manager may be the next best step. Some other suggestions online have said removing images or using pseudonyms.

When a customer is doing this type of behavior, do not take the bait and instead try to keep them on topic best as you can. Personally, I disagree with the removal of agent profile images because not only does it take away a level or personal assistance from actual customers, but it more or less blames your employees for being what they are.

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However, if you set up a clear chain for your employees to follow should they receive harassment from a customer, things will operate much more smoothly.

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