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(That is, don't base dates on best guesses, but on sound science.) Increase the use of safe handling instructions and "smart labels." From a food safety perspective, food handling is more important than duration of storage.

Technically, FDA and USDA currently have the authority to regulate these labels, but they do very little.I'm hoping (against tremendous odds) that these recommendations are implemented by all the actors involved.Because given the ridiculous inconsistency and confusion surrounding the existing date labeling system and the house-on-fire nature of the food waste crisis, we can't afford to maintain the status quo.I used to fancy myself some sort of rogue, daredevil eater, flaunting food safety recommendations and cheating a certain death by consuming a wide variety of foods well after the expiration dates printed on the packaging. Date labels are very poorly regulated, ill-defined and inconsistently applied.Turns out I'll have to satisfy my appetite for extreme risk-taking elsewhere (by eating rice, for instance), since food date labels don't actually indicate the safety of food (or even tell you when it will spoil). The exceptionally comprehensive report can be summarized as follows: The U. And contrary to popular belief, they don't actually indicate when food will spoil, or provide any meaningful measure of food safety.

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"Smart labels" like the "time-temperature integrator" (TTI), which changes color if a food is kept too warm for too long, could also be adopted.

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