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Forms of radioactive dating

Let's pause here a minute to define "decay." When an element decays the parent element's nucleus changes - it will actually decay to turn into a different daughter element altogether! Because during radioactive decay the number of protons in the nucleus can change (I know, right? During Alpha decay an atom spits out two protons and two neutrons from its nucleus.

This little bundle is called an "alpha particle." Remember we said a neutron is a proton with an electron attached? Gamma rays (remember that term from when we studied the EMS? Gamma decay does not change the mass or charge of the atom from which it originates.

Your job is to make sure all the mass numbers (top) and atomic numbers (bottom) add up. This is how you balance the top part of the equation. Remember when an element spits out a beta particle all it loses is one electron.

Let's start with a non-chemistry example to prove this is a piece of cake (mmmm, cake! It still changes the atomic number because what used to be a neutron is now an extra proton.

For example, in the The decay constant has dimensions of reciprocal seconds.

In the special case in which parent and daughter atoms are present in equal quantities, the age of the specimen is the half-life of the parent isotope: The first assumption, that the amount of the daughter isotope in the original rock is known, is the weakest assumption.

Your job here is to make sure all the atomic numbers (bottom) add up.

Once again we'll start with a non-chemistry example to prove this is easy cheesy (mmmm, cheese!

The diagram below shows the difference between alpha, beta and gamma particles.Other methods such as Potassium-argon dating and Isochron dating are based on faulty assumptions and so unreliable as to be useless.Many atoms (or elements) exist as numerous varieties called isotopes, some of which are radioactive, meaning they decay over time by losing particles.As any first-year student of algebra soon learns, a single equation with two unknown variables cannot be solved.In fact, the above formula is far too simple, because it assumes that the amount of daughter isotope was zero at start.

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Radiometric dating utilizes the decay rates of certain radioactive atoms to date rocks or artifacts.

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