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In 1798, he gave in addition a separate course of physiology.

A large bronze statue of Bichat, work of the famous sculptor David D'Angers, was erected in 1857 in the main courtyard (Cour d'honneur) of the René Descartes University in 12, rue de l'Ecole de Médecine, Paris, thanks to the support of the members of the Medical Congress of France, which took place in 1845.

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His first task was to discharge the obligations he owed his benefactor, by contributing to the support of his widow and her son, and by completing the fourth volume of Desault's Journal de Chirurgie to which he added a biographical memoir of its author.

His next objective was to reunite and digest in one body the surgical doctrines which Desault had published in various periodical works.

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He had now scope in his physiological lectures for a fuller exposition of his original views on the animal economy, which excited much attention in the medical schools at Paris.