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And so, we thought we’d clear up this huge dilemma by answering all of these really important questions.We asked six girls the most popular masturbation questions guys wanted the answers to. Sometimes it’s necessary; sometimes we just get bored.If they do then perhaps it’s that they are just embarrassed.Personally I think guys love it if you tell them you do. Eve: I think there’s a lot of judgement around female sexuality, especially masturbation.Either a dildo or a vibrator can satisfy this urge.They might not come with fancy attachments but are great if all you are looking for is penetration.Turn your boring shower on a morning into and exciting masturbation session and use the shower head and its different pressures to get yourself off!Vibrators Try a few different designs to find one that suits you.

If your clitoris is too sensitive, then use the vibrator around the general area, or put it against your clitoris through your knickers to reduce the intensity.

Lorna: It really depends on who the dick pics are from. Before I was with my boyfriend and people sent them to me, I was more likely to laugh and delete them than masturbate.

Beth: I don’t know if many girls do watch porn, I don’t know many.

There is not right or wrong way to masturbate, you can do it totally naked or explore your body with your clothes still on.

Carry around handbag sized vibrator, like the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator so if you feel the urge to be naughty on the run, you have a back up!

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Clitoral Stimulation A clitoris is purely designed for sexual pleasure; this is a woman's greatest gift so don't neglect it!

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