Fuck tonight no credit cards

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Fuck tonight no credit cards

Furthermore, Wallace cites state law, and says that it “does not allow the use of government property or the services of government employees by a public official for his or her private use, even if the public entity is fully reimbursed for the value of the property or the service after the fact.”Arredondo did reimburse the city for all of his unauthorized purchases, according to City Manager Ron Olson.

Olson joined the city in February, after the unauthorized purchases took place.

I hope that’s some extra motivation to get your credit card balances paid off. Paying off the balance on a credit card that charges you 12% interest is the same as earning 12% on an investment.“Since no report was ever filed, one can assume the decision-makers did not believe the conduct rose to the level of criminality.This is an assumption on my part, since I was not a part of the decision-making process.”The Herald asked Fire Chief Brian Brank if he knew whether Arredondo was ever formally disciplined.On April 12, 2016, Wallace sent Hawthorne, the former deputy and interim fire chief, a notice that said Arredondo had used his city-issued procurement card — a credit card — “inappropriately” 15 times. Two years before that, the city procurement card administrator, Betty Pettit, reported questionable purchases to her supervisor, according to the memorandum.Pettit worked in the purchasing division, which at the time, fell under Killeen’s Support Services department.

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Olson didn’t know if Arredondo repaid the state for its sales tax money.

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