Guideline for updating your computer

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True, it is less resistant to brute force attempts than something like RSA or ECDH, but it isn’t necessarily bad.A site may offer an RC4 connection option out of necessity for compatibility with certain browsers so use the sites rankings as a guideline, not an iron clad declaration of security or lack thereof.To start, press Windows Key R to bring up the “Run” dialogue box.Type “gpedit.msc” and click “OK” to launch the Group Policy Editor. On the left hand side, expand Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Network, and then click on SSL Configuration Settings.This is my follow-up to Is it OK to update my BIOS?Hopefully I shan't need to update my BIOS - but I thought I'd ask anyway - What precautions should I take before updating the BIOS? To begin with, I would say only upgrade if it is needed such as you have a critical problem or it offers something you need - if it just changes a logo or adds a feature you will never need, there is no point in doing it.You run a respectable website that your users can trust. When your users try to connect to your server over a secure connection (SSL/TLS) you may not be providing them a safe option.

The server you’re connecting to replies to your browser with a list of encryption options to choose from in order of most preferred to least.

We’ve covered the background, now let’s get our hands dirty.

Updating the suite of options your Windows server provides isn’t necessarily straightforward, but it definitely isn’t hard either.

Providing a better cipher suite is free and pretty easy to setup.

Just follow this step by step guide to protect your users and your server. It has a user friendly graphical interface that makes configuration a breeze. IIS really has a lot going for it, but really falls flat when it comes to security defaults. Your browser initiates a secure connection to a site.

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I would say, just go for it - some modern machines offer the ability to back up the BIOS and recover in the event of an error.

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