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She has met with both Chelsea Clinton and President Barack Obama to discuss their stances on marine wildlife protection, and she operates a fundraiser called Panettiere's Closest, where she regularly auctions off her old outfits to raise money for wildlife preservation campaigns.sits down with actor Milo Ventimiglia this week for a candid look at his life away from the small screen."I had a rough time—a really rough time—in school," she recalls."It's almost as if you can't be human because they think that by you being in a bad mood or getting upset about anything that you are just trying to be a diva ... Her career began before she was a year old, with parts in television commercials.

However, Panettiere insists that criticisms of her personal life are unfounded.

The show follows a group of ordinary people who possess extraordinary powers, and Panettiere plays Claire Bennet, a high school cheerleader who heals instantly from any injury but must keep her ability secret. She played an ambitious young singer, Juliette Barnes, who challenges an established country star, played by Connie Britton.

The show aired on ABC until 2016 when it was cancelled and then picked up by CMT.

Before her first birthday, Panettiere had already begun modeling and acting.

She started her career by modeling baby clothes at 8 months old, and appeared in her first TV commercial, for Playskool toy trains, just three months later.

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"They have absolutely no idea what they're talking about," she says of her critics.