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I think men tend to be the ones who make the seats gross in the first place so we should be the ones saddled with this mildest of burdens to occasionally touch toilet seats.

But am I encouraging lazy men after me to just pee on the seat, making the whole bathroom less hygienic?

Through website chat rooms, court heard, he began a conversation with someone he thought was a Toronto-area woman with an eight-year-old daughter.

The woman was in fact a police officer with the Toronto Police Service's child exploitation unit.

"If he was so shocked and stunned, why did he return to the chat room repeatedly? ”: I am a very open and honest parent with my inquisitive 8-year-old daughter.I try to answer as honestly as possible—within reason, of course, depending on whether it’s appropriate for her to know something just yet.” (It was like the needle on a record screeched to a halt at a party, and everyone turned their heads to see what little kid just yelled I’m just hoping there is a book that is appropriate for kids her age and covers topics like puberty and sex in a healthy and informative way.I don’t want to keep skirting around the issue when she’s honestly just curious. If anyone has any books they’ve found particularly helpful, please feel free to share them in the comments, but yes, your daughter is repeatedly asking you what sex is, so it’s a pretty big sign that you should start, you know, telling her what sex is.

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Williamson admitted to having sexually explicit chat room conversations with the woman, but claimed he was simply "role playing" when he asked if he could have sexual relations with the child.

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