Hung jury dating service

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Hung jury dating service

Judge William Leary III was handed a note from the jury requesting to have the transcript of Yanez's testimony while on the stand -- and the cross examination -- read aloud in court but the judge denied the request.Leary said simply, he cannot do that and could not explain why.Still, it is too soon to say this will be a “hung jury."“It’s clear here that this jury is still capable of communicating, therefore he’s going to let them work,” Heffelfinger said.Attorney Doug Kelley says the toll on families and the expense of a new trial will also compel the judge to keep the jury deliberating.However, a request by the jury to be given the transcripts of the squad video were denied. The last time the jury viewed that video was June 7th.The jury also made a request to view the transcript of the BCA interview conducted with Yanez, however, the judge denied that request because it was never submitted as evidence.

However, not even five minutes later, court was recessed after a struggling jury was told by Judge William Leary III to continue deliberations.Judge Leary re-read the jury instructions on deliberating with a view toward reaching agreement and sent them back to work.Noted Attorney Tom Heffelfinger says today’s note likely means this jury is deadlocked.The very brief hearing ended with that, as jurors were sent back to deliberate.KARE 11 reporter Lou Raguse said the takeaway from this questioning is the jury is struggling over whether they believe Yanez's testimony or not.

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According to KARE 11 reporter Lou Raguse, a handwritten note was given to the judge from the jury.