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By using this Site or clicking on "OK", you consent to the use of cookies.A Comp TIA certification in vendor-neutral computer security training.One of the required basic certifications mandated by Do D Instruction 8570.01-M for ALL people having access, either as a military member or as a civilian support person.The system administrator account installed with Microsoft SQL Server.The Windows component that maintains a database of installed services and manages each service's state.A code database used to enable the collaborative development of large projects by multiple a disk-interface technology developed by a group of the industry's leading vendors to replace parallel ATA. Serial ATA only requires seven wires per device (4 data and 3 ground) and the cables can be up to 1m long.

Device attached only to the primary ring of a FDDI ring. SAS Institute, a business intelligence software vendor, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

Lightweight set of extensions to existing markup languages, in particular HTML and XHTML that enable multimodal and telephony access to information, applications and Web services from PCs, telephones, tablet PCs and wireless personal digital assistants An integral subsystem that maintains a database of information about user accounts, including passwords, any account groups a given user belongs to, the access rights each user is allowed, and any special privileges a given user has.

a serial register built into a VRAM to enable it to transfer large quantities of data from the DRAM portion of the device to a graphics controller or frame buffer.

The three lethal factors are heat, power that is not clean and cigarette smoke residue.

Used extensively by power, water, gas and other utility companies to monitor and manage distribution facilities.

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com A key sequence that begins the process of logging on or off.