Interacial dating lawton o k

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Interacial dating lawton o k

That feeling of being a little bit outside of things has always been important to my work and my curatorial projects.In the Midwest there’s a lot of value put on common sense and everything always being practical and useful.the informed polish and seriousness of the art world centers.We’re also interested in directing traffic in the other direction by promoting Midwestern artists in other cities and countries.His fabrication of everyday objects are intended to blur the boundaries between art and craft, design and Minimalist sculpture".- , 2002In addition to making work as an individual artist, Scott Reeder has also been invested in a curatorial practice that has allowed him to challenge those same art world conventions in an even more direct way.Can you talk about where you grew up and how that has had an influence on aesthetic/conceptual developments in your work as an individual artist? Mike Kelley, Madonna, Andrew WK and Iggy Pop all grew up there.

Stoned gives artists a chance to redefine that identity or product.I don't know if it's because of the influence of agriculture or it goes back to our puritanical roots but this "down to earth" point of view definitely runs counter to most of what the art world is about; where everything is glamorous, decadent, theoretical, edgy, and ridiculously expensive.While all these things sound a lot more exciting and interesting then being "down to earth", there's a part of me that's always a little bit suspicious of what's going on on the coasts and the well-oiled machine that the art world has become.Usually artists will try something in Milwaukee that they wouldn’t try in a more high profile venue.So if it works out great they learn something, if it doesn’t, who cares not many people will ever see it anyway.

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What I want to do with my work and curatorial projects is cause this kind of temporary disruption and hopefully broaden the definition of what art can be and also broaden the audience of who's looking at it.