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After I saw the popularity of the videos again (they were quite well viewed on my other channel back in the day too), and because I was (and am) lacking inspiration for my other channel, I decided to make more videos about the topic. I’m glad though that other men have taken the torch (so to speak) and carried it on, such as my black brother named ‘Jay’ who speaks on the topic of plus-size women (he goes by the name of ‘Every Wednesday’ on You Tube)”.

Now at this point I know that black women are going to accuse me of being a hypocrite because of the fact that I advise black men to date out, yet here I am going in on a white guy who is encouraging white men and black women to do the same.

I specifically dealt with black women and the pimp aspect, how they enjoy being pimped, used and placed upon the merchandising chopping block(just talk to your local on the corner pastor).

I also talked about the fact that there are merchants lining up around the block to get a piece of the pie realising just how dumb and stupid the majority of black women are.

All of the pimp/simps follow the same pattern as the , lie to black women ie tell them what they want to hear, don’t ever hold them responsible nor accountable for their actions and bad decisions and simply wait for the money to pile in by the bucket loads.

Everytime without fail this formula is guaranteed to be successful, why, because as I have stated many times before black women as a group are not only the dumbest individuals on the planet, but they are also extremely attention starved, a fantastic combination for any and all seeking to take advantage.

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The European court jester from the Netherlands known as Coen Naninck is no exception, yet another pimp/simp who has decided to “cash in” upon the black woman’s insecurities.

At the time of writing this article Coen Naninck has receive 8 Patreon subscribers on his interracial Patreon site, as we all know it is only a matter of time until more black women begin to throw even more money down at Naninck’s feet.

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I took them down there because I felt I was diluting the topic of that channel.

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