Intimidating bullies

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Intimidating bullies

In particular, the author targeted City Councilor Laura Luke, a single mother, with threatening language: “Hey, Laura …” the writer said.“I’m your worst nightmare….” The ad berated Luke and demanded, “I want yanked it before it’s three-print run was over. Anton, owner of Emtech, Inc., who, in addition to sitting on the Chamber’s Board of Directors, also happens to be President of the Chamber’s 501-c-4 lobbying group, the Western Colorado Business Alliance (WCBA), created in 2012 specifically to influence local elections.But at the May 1, 2013 City Council meeting he announced that after 44 years, he was withdrawing his membership in the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. Because instead of backing Pitts for a second term on Council, and without a word of explanation, the Chamber of Commerce selected Rick Brainard to run against him.No one at the Chamber ever bothered to pick up the phone to tell Pitts they were unhappy with anything he had done while in office before they started working to oust him.Burke, Kain & Burke, PC, Chairman of the Board Nina Anderson, Express Employment Professionals Michael Anton, Em Tech Inc.Lisa Boyd, No Coast Sushi Matthew Breman, Cranium 360 Janet Brink, Habitat For Humanity of Mesa County, Inc. What's the difference between bullying and mobbing? Why grievance procedures are inappropriate for dealing with bullying The difference between bullying and management Facts, figures, surveys, costs of bullying | Cost of bullying to UK plc UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line statistics Profile of the serial bully - who does this describe in your life?September 19, 2013 – The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce hired a Denver law firm, not even a local Grand Junction law firm, to write a threatening letter (pdf) to the operators of the website, which was launched on August 20, 2013 to highlight the Chamber’s over-involvement in local politics and other behaviors citizens find equally unsettling. C., in a September 16, 2013 letter to’s webmaster, said “The Chamber respects your First Amendment right to air your grievances in a public forum. The law also clearly states however that “any noncommercial use of a mark” is “not actionable.” Commentary and criticism are similarly excluded from coverage under the law Stavish cited. It is not used for pecuniary gain, and is used strictly for commentary and criticism on matters regarding the Chamber, and thus it is protected under the law — something the Denver attorney should have known. If someone initially is confused when arriving at the, once they read it they will quickly recognize that it is a critique of the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce and does not promote the chamber in any way.

Pitts recalls someone telling him they overheard Simons at a function saying “find someone to run against Bill Pitts.” Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.

A spokesman added: 'Bullying is not acceptable at North Walney Primary, Nursery and Pre-School and we fully accept that there have been a number of incidents involving Mr Cooper's children over the last six months and recognise the distress they have caused.'All incidents have been properly investigated and appropriate actions taken, ranging from whole class talks, workshops from the local police officer and changes to the school routine, through to specific child focussed action plans to prevent any further incidents.'At all times we have kept Mr Cooper involved and aware of what was being done to support his children.

Our understanding to date was that while he was understandably angry that incidents had occurred, he was satisfied with the actions of the school and the plans put in place, including a detailed plan discussed at the start of March.

——- By any measure, former Grand Junction Mayor Bill Pitts is a stalwart of the community.

A licensed private pilot and resident of Grand Junction for over 50 years, Pitts repeatedly turned down lucrative promotions offered by his former employer, a big security firm that sold safes, to stay in Grand Junction.

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He helped start Dinosaur Days, was active in Chamber Rangers and other programs.