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Is bridget marquart dating nick carpenter

While it's unclear whether or not this is her actual engagement ring, we can't help but remember the comments she made to E!

Marquardt told us at the time, admitting she's taking charge of picking out the design of the ring.

Though it hasn't been confirmed whether the jewelry is her actual engagement ring, it wouldn't be that surprising, seeing how Halloween-obsessed Marquardt is in real life.

Marquardt frequently posts about her favorite holiday on her social media accounts.

In the pic, Carpenter and Marquardt, who met at the Playboy Mansion and have been dating since 2008, are holding hands, showing off an extremely unique engagement ring -- a diamond encrusted spider.

A sign that reads "Till Death Do Us Part" is pictured in the background.

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I'd want something very clean."Hmm…that's not exactly how we'd describe a diamond in the shape of a spider...

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