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Is lamictal activating or sedating

id print this out and show it to ur doc just so u have reference cuz its a lot of stuff. I wanted to go to 4mg, he hesitantly agreed to 3mg. I just felt I was thinking slower, wasn't as observant (being paranoid has it's perks).hope that helps, and ask if u have other questions I have been on risperidone once but was given a too higher dose ( 2mg ) and had flu like symptoms and VERY zombied. Was given Abilify but didnt do anything at all just made me more restlesscase n point, case 1 - me: i started on 10mg and then i started to get apathetically calm. so i dropped to 5mg, and i even wonder if i can go down to 2mg, but that has shown to be ineffective and not only do i not feel like experimenting anymore, but my dr wont rx 2mgs to me, ive asked. I myself have found 2mg makes just enough change in me. I really noticed something was off when I couldn't sing along to songs on radio (I couldn't keep up). Worth noting that I take Remeron which has a sedative affect as well.These agents are noted to have sedating effects ranging from cognitive slowing to anti-manic effects.On the other hand, the second group is typified by attenuation of glutamate excitatory neurotransmission and has activating effects including anxiogenic and antidepressant actions.again abilifys "dopamine boosting" effects (partial agonism) are so activating that it can cause inner restlessness/akathisia and somehow RLS, which i think is just the bodily release or physical expression for the akathisia, u know when u shake ur leg or tap ur heel/whatever u wanna call it when ur jitttery or nervous?risperdal will knock you out first few times for sure, but after a few weeks u might get used to its sedation. knowin all of the antipsycs pretty well, i dont think u should switch.My doctor mentioned putting me on Risperodol, but I'm wondering..does it compare with Abilify?

The first synthetic organic medicinal agent to control seizures was phenobarbital, a ureide derivative synthesized by the combination of urea and substituted malonic acid introduced in 1912.i could split the 5mgs but ehhh, whatever...2 - cousin: started on 2mg, nothing, upped to 2.5mg , nothing, upped to 5mg, started to see something, upped to 10mg, boom hit a new point, then wanted to decrease to 7.5mg and then some days just 5mg and disaster struck, so back up to 10mg and thats her dose.i personally think shes one of the people who might need the extra 5mg for a 15mg total cuz shes really volitle, but klonopin (and ssri) evens out the edges.or maybe 10mg abilify 50mg pristiq .5-1mg klonopin or 10mg abilify 50-100mg zoloft .5-1mg or just 10mg abilify zoloft (and .5-1mg klopin for anxiety if needed).i say zoloft cuz its a potent antianxiolytic anti-d SSRI compared to others, and it has DRI action which makes it non sedating like lets say paxil or prozac and once again metabolically safer than other antidepressants, not necessarily the ssri class, but def other families.

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But of course, this is just a non-professional (what do I know? in my experience/ime/imho ABILIFY is DA BEST anti-psychotic/moodstabilizer (and anti-depressant/anti-anxiety) med.