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I don’t know if it’s because there are so many dull and talentless actresses out there but when I watch a great talent like Kim Sun Ah, I cannot but bow in respect – biased as I am.

I trust that Sun Ah eonni is not only my favourite actress but a favourite of many.

Yoo Ri is timid but desperate for love so her advances are adorable. This film is a goddamn tearjerker and heart breaker, and well-done.

The tango scenes with both Lee Dong Wook and Uhm Ki Joon were pieces of art. When she sets herself to something she sees it to the end. Though her work has been the most important thing for her throughout her life, she decides to let go at one time but never to compromise what she believed right.After Jinny gets dumped by her boyfriend, she feels blue and wonders if her three ex-boyfriends actually loved her at all.She finds everyone busy with their life and they brush her aside.I started and finished it trying to understand what they wanted to relay. Byung Chul is a cold careless teacher who gave up on relationships.No use trying to tell you anything about the film since I myself didn’t get it! She didn’t talk much but acting strong and diligent May she showed great fighting skills and swiftness. Yoo Ri advances, Byung Chul retreats and their four teenage students observe the relationship while fantasising about their female teacher.

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Disabled after the crime, she has nothing to wager but her organs.

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