Law and disorder dating

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Law and disorder dating

Mr Rajah, who served as a Supreme Court judge and Judge of Appeal before becoming A-G from 2014 to last year, said he wanted "to find a role that would embrace excellence and personal autonomy", after having left public service.

He added that ECC is a world-renowned set of independent advocates committed to excellence, whose members regularly receive instructions from law firms all over the world, and act for businesses, governments and international institutions.

Source: Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. [London] THE Paradise Papers are once again causing governments to grapple with ways to counter offshore tax avoidance.

In doing so, nations also need to combat another problem, notably the leaking and publication of confidential banking and legal information.

The OECD Convention was aimed at providing administrative assistance in tax matters.

It also guarantees extensive safeguards for the protection of taxpayers' rights and provides a legal basis for other forms of cross-border tax cooperation, including collection of taxes.

Gabriel Zucman, assistant professor of economics at University of California, Berkeley estimates that six European tax havens alone (Luxembourg, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta and Cyprus) siphon off a total of 350 billion euros (S2 billion) every year.

Discussions included offshore banking centres such as Jersey and Bermuda.

But some EU countries, notably Luxembourg and Malta, have also been criticised for acting as tax havens.

"If one tax oasis closes, another one opens," said Austrian Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling.

This significant aspect has not been covered adequately by the newspapers and the investigative journalist consortium that have gained access to the papers.

To recap, the leak known as the Paradise Papers covers corporate and individual data from offshore services firms such as Appleby and from 19 corporate registries in offshore centres.

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