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Thus the teacher is trying to start by a practical approach of the topic by initially involving students, who prefer to learn things by “doing”.In the terminology of the Kolb Model this is called “active experimentation” (AE).By using learning cells and applying the “sandwich principle” the teacher should try to get students involved.

The Model of David Kolb of experienced learning is discussed as an example to apply a learning style theory to planning and performing teaching. Knowing importance of experience, the effective teacher builds his or her lectures on exploration of what students already know and believe. The four groups of homogeneous teams had similar performance results. The abstract/concrete (AC-CE) pairs performed significantly better on a simulated clinical case than the abstract pairs and slightly better than the concrete pairs (CE-CE), indicating the value of integrating the abstract and concrete dialectics of the learning cycle. If a teacher has only one student he/she can prefer the student’s preferred learning style during the teaching unit.

The final task may be to ask students to summarize all the collected information in a performance list for the examination of MTR.

Repeating the examination and applying the performance list then close the cycle. Sandwich principles, Microteaching or Technical skills) can be used to get students involved at the several steps.

In this example the teacher has planned to start the cycle in the upper left quarter, by looking for a student who prefers the accommodating learning style.

The teacher does so by asking the students who would like to demonstrate how to perform the examination of the 5 MTR (see Figure 3).

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It is also used to exemplify criticism to a learning style model. Beginning with these or related concrete experiences allows the learner to re-examine and modify their previous sense-making in the light of new ideas. However, the teams that had members with diverse learning styles performed significantly better, earning nearly twice the amount of money of the homogeneous learning style teams. Sandmire and Boyce (2004) investigated the performance of two-person collaborative problem-solving teams in an allied health education anatomy, physiology, and pathology course. However, a similar study by Sandmire, Vroman, and Sanders (2000) investigating pairs formed on the action/reflection dialectic showed no significant performance differences (Adams, A. Still, the learning cycle should be run through but the preferred learning style can serve as a starting point (Fig. Here follows a concrete example for a one to one teacher-student situation: The learning objective is to teach the student how to deliver breaking bad news to the patient.

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