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Shia La Beouf, the young star of the Transformers franchise, starred in billion dollars’ worth of box office blockbusters before he was even 25 years old.

Yet the former child star with the fun name has had a career plagued with legal problems, substance abuse, and all other manner of oddities.

Appearing alongside Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, and Henry Winkler, La Beouf played Stanley Yelnats, a boy falsely convicted of shoplifting who is sent to a remote juvenile detention facility as punishment.

There, the inmates are forced to work digging holes for the corrupt warden and her staff, who are secretly searching for a long-lost buried treasure.

La Beouf came into his own as a film lead in 2007’s Disturbia, a dark suburban mystery.

“Even though we were a black family, everyone, despite their race, could relate to us,” she says.

The film was wildly successful with kids and families, and it catapulted La Beouf further into the public eye before his 18 birthday.

La Beouf would then take up supporting roles in a handful of major films: I, Robot, with Will Smith, Constantine, with Keanu Reeves, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, with Robert Downey Jr.

“When Sabrina came in, we all recognized that this was an actress. An avid decorator, she decided to “expand my knowledge in something else but acting” and turned pro.

She is thoroughly learned.” As poised Sondra, who graduated from Princeton, wed beau Elvin Tibideaux (Geoffrey Owens) and gave birth to twins, Le Beauf was a role model to her costars, Warner says. Recently, Le Beauf has reconnected with acting, touring onstage in several cities, and she guest starred on the CBS sitcom Cosby.

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The show would continue to air in syndication for many years, but La Beouf moved on to bigger and better things.

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