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This week saw the Lunar New Year holiday kick off all across Asia. We had i G wishing us all a good holiday, a very well-written analysis piece of Bur NIng, and the highlight of the week undoubtedly goes to the i G. A sparse week in terms of quantity, but absolutely not lacking in quality. Feb 9 i G wishes a joyous Lunar New Year to all In this video, i G’s players, from every squad, wish all their fans a happy Chinese New Year. Bur NIng playstyle and skills analysis Following the i G.

YYF playstyle and skills analysis (also translated on Dotaland, here), Gamefy brings us another in-depth look at a renowned player, this time in the form of one of Dota’s greatest carries. YYF For the holiday, and in anticipation of his appearance at the upcoming G-League finals in Shanghai, Gamefy produced an exquisitely-made video looking into YYF’s past.

Lots of good advice here, and some jokes, this makes a good read in case you’ve got half an hour and want to read something. Perfect World is rumored to be planning qualifiers for TI3, to come complete with a substantial prize pool.

Feb 26 The Chronicles of Lan M: “Stories of Yesteryear” [part 1-3] A nine-part series penned by Lan M himself, this is a sentimental, detailed, and personal accounting of his own path in esports.

Last but not least, Lan M shares with us an extremely insightful view into his life as a pro-gamer.

All this and more, as the Dota scene in China picks up steam anew after their big holiday!

Apr 19 Chinese server beta coming April 28 We finally get a date for the Chinese Dota 2 server beta! This week featured an interesting question and answer session with i G. Mar 13 YYF interviewed live on talk show Live On Three I’ll be honest, this didn’t live up to expectations.

Apr 20 Perfect World’s Dota 2 league coming in May And we also get a (rough) date for PW’s announced Dota 2 league! Chua N and i G CEO Efeng, very candid and insightful. Sure, it was nice, and sure, it was new, but some of the questions were awkward, others were shallow, while yet other questions were mistranslated entirely. Mar 14 Tong Fu makes changes Long DD and Veronica leave Tong Fu, replaced by banana and y Aob Ai.

On top of that, check out all sorts of interviews with players from many different participating G-1 teams. Gamefy visits ZSMJ and VG; fan-made Dota documentary coming In this snippet of Gamefy’s daily gaming roundup show, they visit ZSMJ at his new digs in the VG team house and talk to him about his choice.This was the highlight of this week, and rightly so.I was collecting some information about the players to have reached this matchmaking mark worldwide and thought it would be interesting to post. 3) I tried to associate the players with the teams they play from if able, or the teams they have last associated with. Ame - Ame Notes: 1) The point of this thread is to register those who have reached the 8k mmr mark and not necessarily how high they've reached within 8k.: P) 17173 introduces new weekly show focused on finding new talent Every Friday evening, 17173 will have an episode of their new show, which focuses on giving newcomers — teams and players alike — a platform to learn, develop, and make a name for themselves in the hopes of joining the pro scene.Mar 1 ZSMJ joining VG Instead of having a team entirely his own, sponsored by someone related to LGD, as was rumored before, ZSMJ has joined VG instead.

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Apr 17 King J joins Tong Fu, replacing y Aob Ai Only having joined For Love recently, King J makes another move, this time to Tong Fu. Worth a read is the G-League reflection piece by Felix, and worth a watch is the Gamefy bit on ZSMJ.

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