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List configuration options available updating os

You can install DC/OS on bare metal, virtual machines and every cloud.With the custom installers, you have the flexibility to configure each installation of DC/OS exactly how you like it.Note that only a subset of the configuration options are available with this method.It is, however the fastest way to try out DC/OS on your own cluster.Perform this configuration on the central administration site or stand-alone primary site.

When you have a Configuration Manager hierarchy, install and configure the software update point at the central administration site first, and then install and configure the software update points on other sites.

After you configure the properties, repeat step 2 to initiate the software updates synchronization to retrieve the software updates that meet the configured criteria for classification and products.

Before you install the software update point site system role, you must verify that the server meets the required dependencies and determines the software update point infrastructure on the site.

The advantage is that you’re able to pick more options as to exactly how your cluster is configured.

An example of this would be the storage Exhibitor uses to bootstrap.

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