M24 47 dating

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M24 47 dating

There was even a failed deal to purchase Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk. After a few years with internal factions arguing over whether to adopt French or Czech arms something of a compromise was made.

In 1929 the state was officially renamed Yugoslavia.

The Yugoslav M48s were manufactured at Zavodi Crvena Zastava, Kragujevac, Serbia, from 1950-65.

The series had four versions, M48, M48A, M48B, M48BO M48s (all milled parts) were manufactured from 1950-52 M48As (stamped metal floorplate) 1952-65 M48B (more stamped parts) 1956-65 M48BO (bez oznake--"without markings") 1956-65 Many M48BOs were scrubbed and reconditioned German 98k rifles.

The M48B and BO rifles were intended chiefly for export, most of these were sent to Algeria, Egypt and Iran.

Most of the M48As here at present in the USA were made between 1952-56. If the rifle has the Cyrillic acronmy FNRJ (Federated People's Republic of Yugoslavia) marked on the receiver ring or wall, it was made between 1953-1963.

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Following WWI the new nation had a dizzying mix of small arms and ammunition.

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