Married dating in buie north carolina

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Married dating in buie north carolina

I, Hector Mc Allister, was the distinguished colonel of the Fifty-first North Carolina Regi- ment, C. A., wounded at Fort Harrison, and had a star shot off his coat collar ; died unmar- ried in Fayetteville. 3, Alfred Augustus, Jr., was lieutenant of the Fiflv-first North Carolina Regiment, C. A., wounded at Cold Harbor, student at Washing- ton and Lee University, and succeeded his father at the old stand and in the old home, Fayetteville, N. 35 III.-2, 3, John Mc Neill (priest), married Rox- anna Worth, daughter of Governor Worth, of North Caro Hna. 111.-2, 8 (second wife, i), Janet Ann Mc Neill, married Robert Harris, Linden, N.

II 1.-2, 9 (second wife, 2), Martin Mc Neill, of infirm mind ; lived and died with his sister, Mrs. -3, 2, Janet Atkins, married Alexander Mc- Dougald, January i, 1824. IIT.-3, 4, John Lewis Atkins, married Mary Jane Stewart. Uncle Hector lived in Alabama many years, but rejoined his brother after the war between the States. Stechnan IHack was largely instrumental in bringing them to Christ. -I, 2, Alexander Mc Kethan, married Fdiza- beth Geddic. C, on a part of their father's estate, and were said to be the oldest twins in the world.

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L-3, 6, Hector Mc Lean, married Catharine Mc- Dougald, daughter of Rev.

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