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Menweb com

The research showed that 4.2 per cent of men and the same percentage of women said they were assaulted last year.

Male victims were likely to be under 25, working part-time and in households where there were financial difficulties.

You can download an Adobe PDF format version of the 136-page report to see for yourself.

The Times 22/1/99 BY STEWART TENDLER CRIME CORRESPONDENT MEN are just as likely to be victims of domestic violence as women, according to the results of a Home Office survey issued yesterday.

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If anybody is being touched or controlled or dominated, if any abuse is being forced against the will of another, there is abuse going on likely to be violent ... If you recognize any of the patterns you see in this article, whether or not you're ultra-sensitive, it's time to look at whether your relationship is abusive. The research also said, however, that women were twice as likely to have been injured, three times more likely to have faced serious threats and were more likely to have been assaulted at least three times.The study suggested that the risk of domestic violence was increasing and one reason might be that young people had more relationships, living with different partners. If you are in a relationship with somebody who has an anger problem ... A man who had to deal with abuse issues in his own life (and who has started a message board for abused men) looked into the issue of how a man can know if his relationship is abusive. He told everyone the marriage was wonderful -- as so many men do. Remember: TV star and comedian Phil Hartman never talked about his marital problems, either, except to joke about having to leave the house when his wife was mad.

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Victims of domestic violence come from all walks of life all cultures, all income groups, all ages, all religions.

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