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Before that, I was installing office furniture in government buildings.

I was at the point where I knew I wasn’t going to go any further at my other jobs.

The woman who the authorities said had learning difficulties is seen in tears, crying for help, while neither the bus driver nor any of the passengers intervene.

Sexual harassment and abuse of women is rife in Morocco where a national survey found that nearly two-thirds of women had experienced physical, psychological, sexual or economic abuse.

A few minutes later, she’s hopped onto a bike and the camera follows Karima and her friends as they navigate the narrow alleyways of Marrakesh, Morocco.

Their final destination is the massive marketplace, Jema’a El Fena, where Karima will set up shop with her colleague Anouar and henna the hands of tourists and patrons walking through the famous square.

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Aaron is a husband and father with two young daughters at home.

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