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Msn portfolio manager not updating

If your account does not hold any cash, leave the amount at zero.

Click on finish, and the account will be set up in Microsoft Money takes you back to the Portfolio Manager.

Fk/pubhtml Design: My excel portfolio workbook has a hyperlink to a web-published google sheet of price quotes. Process to update prices:1) click hyperlink in excel (webpage with prices loads)2) Select all3) copy4) click excel spreadsheet5) paste I have the tickers in alphabetical order (in the google sheet), then use vlookup (in excel) to grab the correct price for each holding.

I started using this copy/paste method with excel's web functions stopped working several years ago. That could be a plan B but with what I have now it just happens automatically.

Every time I open the spreadsheet the current prices are there. And you won't have to keep Excel around or updated either. Are there directions somewhere on how to use it this way?

Yeah, I know this has been discussed many times before.

At this point, Microsoft Money plus asks you if you would like to add some investments to the brokerage account.

Microsoft Money will ask you for the estimated balance of the account divided by the value of your investments and the cash portion of the account.

My problem with this is that the URL above is no longer given on Yahoo's web page (that I can find).

They used to have a link like that on each ticker's page but no longer do. There are many OTHER solutions on the web (macros, add-ons, etc.) but when you look into them most of them are simply wrappers for the above URL.

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Installing the add-on just adds a unnecessary layer of complexity.

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