Narrowboat dating

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Narrowboat dating

Explain that you have a 'system' and that it is hard to break the habit.

Of course, if you are sharing a lock with another boat and their crew then it is everyone’s responsibility to stay alert to danger.

The A9 just south of Inverness is now clear after being blocked by a canal boat which went overboard.

The boat slipped its trailer when the Range Rover hauling it was involved in a collision with the central barrier by Daviot.

But occasionally it might be a necessity, for example through injury or illness of a crew member, so it’s useful to have some idea of how to work a narrowboat on your own, just in case.

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This bow hauling method works fine in most cases although those locks with bridges at their entrance or exit can prove problematic.

For boaters with the necessary co-ordination, one answer is to stand atop the bridge and nimbly flick the rope beneath before catching the end at the other side.

Tony Jones lives aboard his narrowboat ' The Watchman' and regularly cruises without the help of a crew.

Tony's kindly put together some helpful tips that he's picked up while exploring the inland waterways on his own terms.

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Ladders are a relatively recent addition to the historic structures of locks and were introduced as a safety escape feature, rather than as an aid to boating.