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We've seen a lot of You Tuber who left You Tube after fame got to their head.

His girlfriend of many years, Ash, also supports him.

Whether you're a newbie or a weathered vet in NYC, you've probably heard that the dating scene in this metropolis is rough.

ive only been using this site a little while but ive already had 2 men send me nasty revolting messages just because i mailed them back saying i wasnt interested.that a crime? I have been ignored by women who's description of the man they are interested in meeting was basicly me. It's pretty funny though, that one minute a guy thinks you're "gorgeous and so intelligent" until you say "I'm not interested", at which point you become every nasty thing in the book. Maybe, they are hurt that someone that is very pretty has told them no. I'm starting a new thread to poll how it is that guys would like to be 'dismissed'. I don't mind a whimsical report in the forums,but to Insult, Defame, Curse or Harass anyone that you do not know,just out of the clear blue sky??? t,because it makes every guy on here look like a jerk.../-; I can become a jerk if pushed into it,but most of the time I'm a pretty nice guy...(-; I have seen allot of men who are mentally and emotionally unbalanced and if they don't have sex real often,they transform into a vile form of peiness breath,dick head,monster... :-)Ignore the poor, damaged idiots who think that b!Beck Center 17801 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-521-2540, Blank Canvas Theatre 1305 West 78th St., 440-941-0458, But being comfortable isn’t always the best state to be in while dating. This is a great way to meet someone, socialize and you know that you’ll have at least one thing in common with everyone there. First dates can be scary, so it’s easy for us to want to go to places where we feel most comfortable. Go for a weekend away, go horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing… This will not only give you a chance to meet new people, but also makes for great conversation when you’re on dates. Check out and join a group that shares your interests.


As for keeping your extremities frost free, you're on your own. Written by George Stevens Jr., directed by Sarah May, and performed by Greg White, this solo show tells the story of the revered Supreme Court justice, often in his own words. It's western Ireland, where playwright Martin Mc Donagh launches two battling brothers into a darkly comical cycle of murder and mayhem.

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