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Mijntje can, aside of giving you a travelling advice, have a normal conversation with you.Yello is a digital mascot for Páginas Amarillas and Páginas Blancas, a big virtual eye that helps users find stores and people, easily and quickly, through online inquiries.One of the things I liked about Microsoft's approach was to not scrap the idea of an AI-powered chatbot but to take the experience of Tay and learn from it.

They chose to deploy a custom built chatbot on their website.

While the chat didn't get nearly as ugly as Tay, it highlights the difficulty of building a chatbot that can pass the Turing Test.

Buzz Feed says: Zo still took controversial positions on religion and politics with little prompting — it shared its opinion about the Qur'an after a question about health care, and made its judgment on Bin Laden’s capture after a message consisting only of his name.

It doesn’t require users to abandon any platform they’re using where they’re interacting with their contacts.

The content is delivered in accordance to the platform used, in order to exploit each platform’s advantages to the fullest. If the user wants to find a store, Yello can search by type of store; if the user wants to find people, it can search by address or phone number.

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This way they are able to respond 24/7 to visitors looking for information.

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