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The first time we broke up, he did it through a text message because he was “busy with his boys.” When we first said “I love you,” we would text each other constantly, repeating it over and over again because the feeling was so fresh and new.

However, we were known as “bae” to each other and as “friends” to everyone else. ) I am dating now, we absolutely never get on the phone, and quite honestly, we have not decided what we are other than “just having fun.” While I was OK with it at first, I realized I am a person who enjoys having labels.

This was the first time I did not feel like creating a label for us because “labels complicate things,” as most people my age tend to say. Hardly, but he did write me a poem, which I still have. Labels do not complicate what you have with someone- we do. It just means that we are mature enough to have a conversation and talk things through.

When it comes to dating and relationships: we hide our emotions behind a screen.A man who publicly admits his admiration through a poetry performance.A woman who is set on her career but also is set on love.That is not necessarily saying that they will get into a relationship - they are going to work things through. People say women tend to get caught up in the idea of a Hollywood romance.However, who would not want a love such as the one in ?

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We would only get on the phone when we needed to resolve an issue or when we were in a fight and needed to clarify things.

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