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Nigerian dating marriage agency america

Obi-Okoye, J., (as he then was) held that the marriage in question contravened section 3(1) of the Age of Marriage Law and was, therefore, void.Except for the cases which have reached the courts, evidence abound that the prohibition of the Age of Marriage Law is not observed in many parts of the four Eastern States.Section 3(1) of the Law provides that 'A marriage . If a party to such a void marriage is charged with any of the sexual offences under the Cnminal Code arising from having unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl, it is a good defence lo prove that the accused had reasonable cause to believe that the girl in question was his wife.

In Emeakuana v Umeojiako.m the respondent claimed for an order that he is the legal and natural father of a female child born by the second appellant on December 27, 1972 and therefore entitled to be granted its custody.When the age of a person is in issue in a prosecution under the Law, the opinion of a qualified medical practioner on that question is sufficient and cannot be questioned in any court.Under Section 6, no court shall take cognizance of any marriage that is made void by this legislation.Usually, where a provision of the Code applies only to the husband and wife of a statutory marriage, this is clearly specified.In the absence of such qualification it is submitted that 'husband and wife' includes the parties lo customary-law marriage, which is a system of marriage recognized by Nigerian law.

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Where a girl under sixteen years marries under customary law, the consumation of that marriage does not constitute the sexual offence of having unlawful carnal knowledge of her under the Criminal Code Act.

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