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That was actually the first time we ever got to really know him better since he was always silent and never that much talkative to any of us...

I was 5 years old and he was 7 years old when it happened.

They've done tons of stuff for all of us and did everything we've ever asked for, except for being there when we still need them.

How exactly did that all make you feel about your brother after that?

That sick creep of an uncle didn't get the same mercy when my brother found out he did worse to my twin Sisters Hannah and Beth and our Half sister Samantha which-...

was fucking inhuman and brutal, and my brother just..slit his throat right in front of us all and cut him fast before he had any time to run and escape his wrath...

It's not like we ever needed them that much in our lives.

Every time we all get money, we buy tons of cool stuff, go to cool places, cause a lot of mayhem in school making us either get suspended or expelled or drafted to new schools and change friends, but I love this life me and my family have been living so far..I wouldn't want to change anything that has happened so far"."...(Raises eyebrow)... We could live without the money and all of this lame stuff we have right now...

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Anyways, if you didn't read the summary of this story(or the title for that matter), this story is a Naruto x Until Dawn crossover, and it has a little bit of unrealistic smut within and other stuff along some characters from other games with one or two being particularly from GTA V, and I give a quick warning as there will be alcohol and drug abuse added with nudity and dark/insanity into the mix so please do not hound me down with that crap, seriously. There is some genuine smut(albeit it's imaginative and makes the Characters' personalities become completely OOC) with no drama, some action, canon events added with my own events to beef it up since I don't plan on following the events of the game completely, and that's just about it.

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